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After School Clubs

We offer 3 after school clubs which are open to all of our students.

The clubs run from 3.30pm - 4.30pm and are supported by school staff, sometimes with help from volunteers and visitors. For more information about the clubs please contact school.



At present the Monday club is led by Simon Wood a football coach from the York City development team and he is promoting ‘York City Football in the Community’. The club is supported by Applefields staff and has currently 13 students attending.

The club offers coaching skills in all aspects of football and then applying the skills into a game.



The Tuesday club is led and supported by Applefields School staff and students are currently working on skills for Tag Rugby. 22 students attend the club. The activity is changed each half term, giving all students time to explore new or different activities throughout the year.


The activities are chosen by the students and are planned to be inclusive to all.

Examples of some of the activities include Boccia, Kurling, Goalball, Hockey Parachute/Playground Games, Tennis / table tennis / polybay, Cricket / Kwik Cricket

and Tri-Golf.



Let’s Get Cooking believe cooking is a core life skill. The Club is led and supported by school staff giving students the opportunity to learn to cook, taste and enjoy good food.


Whilst learning to make healthier choices students develop a wide range of cooking skills including following a recipe, making smaller -chopping, grating safely, assembling, heating and clearing /washing up. Individual dietary needs and allergies are taken into consideration when planning to include all students who are given a choice of themed dishes based on seasonal fruit and vegetables. Scone-based pizza, smoothies, roast vegetables, chicken curry, berry cheesecake and World Cup Winners fruit salad have proved the most popular.


 Parents and carers are invited to join the group for the final session of the 4-6 week block to sample some tasty food prepared by their child.



We do not have the funding to provide transport home after these activities, therefore we ask parents and carers to collect their son or daughter from school after the club.

Details of the after school clubs are sent home at the beginning of the school year, and for the Let's Get Cooking Club each term. If you would like more information please contact school.