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Satellite Provision

Applefields School Satellite Provision at Manor CE Academy

Information for Parents and Professionals


What is the Satellite Provision?

The Satellite Provision is part of Applefields School’s overall curriculum offer and provision. The Satellite provides specialist provision for Applefields School students who are based full time at Manor CE Academy, a mainstream secondary school in Nether Poppleton, York.


The Satellite consists of provision for Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 students who are based in 2 classrooms at the centre of the school. Each student has a personalised timetable with opportunities for supported inclusion in mainstream lessons or informal social activities within Manor CE Academy. Being onsite within a mainstream school provides flexible opportunities for social inclusion such as the use of the school diner, attending Year assemblies and access to playground space alongside mainstream peers.


At Satellite there is consistent support by staff who are Applefields School staff and who work exclusively at the Satellite. The Satellite provides access to a specialist curriculum and social experience for students who would also benefit from mainstream opportunities. The provision aims to develop each young person’s literacy and numeracy skills, their personal and social independence skills, organisational skills and their emotional development as adolescents.


The Applefields School Satellite offers the following in a mainstream inclusive setting:




  • Personalised programmes of mainstream inclusion supported by Applefields School staff which are reviewed regularly.
  • High levels of targeted support at lunch and break to promote inclusion, independence and social skills and a strong emphasis on life skills and personal and social independence across the curriculum.


The Satellite Base


  • Base classrooms – that are always available and supported by one or more of the Applefields School staff.
  • Support at key points in the school day and across the curriculum from a small number of consistent staff.
  • Two small form groups of no more than ten students each (one each for Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4) – each with its own classroom.
  • Tailored work to support the development of students’ Literacy, Numeracy, Motor Skills and Social and Emotional Skills particularly suited to young people working at P8 and above.
  • Highly differentiated teaching and learning at early levels with lots of consolidation, repetition and opportunities to practise skills in a range of ways and settings


Links with Applefields School


  • Access to specialist ICT software through the Applefields School IT network.
  • Staff access to Applefields School training, support and resources.
  • Offer of a place at the Applefields School main site if the levels of support available there for student’s educational, physical, sensory, medical or social and emotional development would more appropriate to meet the young person’s needs.
  • Offer of a place at Applefields School for post 16 provision.
  • Access to accredited Applefields School courses for Key Stage 4 students.
  • Part time Applefields School / Satellite links.


All students are on Applefields School roll and are included regularly in events on the Applefields School main site and may transfer there if the provision would better meet their needs.


What are the Admission Arrangements?

It is expected that in order to be offered a place at the Satellite provision a student should be able to benefit from the inclusive opportunities available in a mainstream secondary school. This would include being able to be included in one or more mainstream lessons or activities, with staff support as appropriate and the opportunity to benefit from the social experiences available in the mainstream school.


Before a student can be considered for a place in the Satellite provision they must meet the following criteria.


The student must:


  • Have a statement of Special Educational Needs or an Education Health and Care Plan
  • Be on, or about to transfer to the roll of Applefields School
  • Be currently working at P8 or above in both English and Maths
  • Have had experience of successful inclusion in a mainstream setting
  • Be able to join at least 1 mainstream subject or activity within Manor CE Academy with support from the Satellite staff, as appropriate


  • It should be noted that previous successful inclusion in a mainstream setting in itself is not sufficient to be considered for a place in the Satellite provision.


In addition, to be considered for a place at the Satellite, the student will be expected to:


  • Have developed the social skills to interact and engage appropriately with peers and benefit from mainstream social activities.
  • Be confident and competent in basic self-help and independence skills.
  • Be able to work independently for short periods, completing short, simple tasks set at an appropriate level. These tasks should be able to be completed without adult intervention or support.
  • Accept instruction and be willing to engage with different staff, e.g. teachers, teaching assistants.


The offer of a place at the Satellite provision for any student who meets the above criteria can be considered following a discussion at the child’s Annual Review or Education and Health Care Plan meeting. This discussion would involve parents, the student and professionals.  Placement recommendations will then be considered by the Headteacher in consultation with the Local Authority. 


A review of each student’s placement will take place through an interim review which will be held at the end of the student’s first term, and subsequently at each annual review or Education and Health Care Plan review.  These reviews will consider whether the curriculum provided within both the Satellite base and inclusion to mainstream activities best meets the child’s overall needs.



For more information about the Satellite provision or to arrange a visit please contact the Headteacher, please do not contact Manor CE Academy directly.

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