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Update 11.05.20

Dear Parents and Carers,


Following the announcement about the phased re-opening of schools by the Prime Minister on Sunday the 10TH of May, we as a  special school partnership wanted to update you all on our approach in the coming weeks.


As you know, we have been partly opened since the crisis began for those who are extremely vulnerable or the children of key workers whilst the majority of pupils have remained ‘home’ as per government advice.


As we are a ‘unique’ education sector we will be working in the coming weeks to prepare plans for the resumption of education or certain groups in our schools.


We will need to work with a variety of other organisations – transport, the Council, Public Health and  wider educational / care organisations in order that what we do is safe, proportionate and appropriate so there will be no ‘quick fixes’.


Many thanks for your support during this most challenging of times.


Very best wishes,

Adam Booker

Head Teacher