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Nursing and Medical Support

Nursing and Medical Support

The school nursing team is employed by York Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and provide nursing cover during term-time. The team offers care and support to pupils across the school, and advice to parents / carers and school staff, on a varying range of issues. These include epilepsy, continence promotion, dealing with complex medical needs and gastrostomy care. The team assesses pupil needs in order to plan and implement appropriate care in conjunction with parents, carers and wherever possible the pupils.

Every student has a ‘named nurse’ though any member of the nursing team will be happy to discuss your child’s needs if your child’s named nurse is not available.

Regular clinics are held in school by the medical and nursing staff. We carry out health surveillance for pupils as needed, including monitoring of height and weight and vision screening.

Our work includes liaising with a wide range of professionals, both in and outside of school, including Paediatricians, G.Ps, social workers, teaching staff, respite carers, dieticians and other health professionals. Such communication and multi-disciplinary working ensures continuity of care for pupils and provides an effective forum for safeguarding them from harm.

The team work alongside teaching staff in relation to health promotion, sex and relationships education and in preparing students for the transition to adult health services. We offer teaching and update sessions to school staff on a range of subjects including epilepsy, gastrostomy care, tracheostomy care, asthma etc, thus ensuring that the students can fully access all areas of the curriculum.


The nurses can be contacted directly on (01904) 553918. If you are unable to contact a member of the nursing team a message can be left with the school admin team on (01904) 553900.