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Post 16 and 19, including the Minster Provision

Moving through school is tough, but planning for the future either at 16 or 19 is a big job.


Our post 16 offer is about young people becoming more independent and starting to plan for and experience life after school. For some who have been in our school since year 7 it may be that they look elsewhere for their 6th form experience - and we will work with you and your child to find a new and stimulating environment.

Our curriculum is based around independence skills, exploring vocational or alternative pathways and some appropriate and meaningful accreditation.

The best way to find out about our curriculum is to visit us - so please, do not heistate to get in touch.

During the last couple of years in our 6th form will be when your child begins to look at post 19, and we alongside yourselves and with the support of specialist workers from your home Local Authority consider and explore the next stage of life.


In conjunction with Askham Bryan Colege we have established the Minster Provision for young people with extremely complex needs who are operating at levels significantly below their peers. is is a new and rapidly growing provision based at Askham Bryan, with the learning delivered by Applefields based staff. Again - contact us at school in order to find out more!