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Post 16 Provision

Post 16 Provision


We offer a course of Post 16 continuing education to prepare students for the next stage of their life, including access to further education. Students are eligible to continue to attend Applefields School for up to 3 years of Post 16 provision – up to the end of the school year in which they are 19 years old. In practice this means to the end of Year 14. Howevere we are now looking at developing pathways for students that may see them leave and transition to a more appropriate 'offer earlier'.  During this time students will continue to be eligible for home to school transport provided by their home local authority – this will be provided free of charge by some local authorities whilst others will charge parents for transport.


The post 16 curriculum places a greater emphasis on the development of students’ personal and social independence skills, the development of independence skills as well as work to continue to develop students’ skills in literacy and numeracy.



The post 16 offer in school includes support to develop students’ literacy and numeracy skills, vocational training and work experience, independent living, travel training, personal and social education and a broad PE and leisure programme.


Throughout each student’s post 16 experience staff will work with the student, their parents and carers and the local authority’s Connexions or Careers Service to support, guide and advise the student and their family about the range of post school provision.


On leaving Applefields School, students may transfer to York College and Askham Bryan College– the local mainstream further education colleges - to access specialist further education courses for students with learning difficulties. In addition, where an offer of local further education college provision is not appropriate to meet a student’s needs a place may be available on a personalised learning and work experience programme. We are currently developing oportunities for pupils to have mixed pathways - i.e personalised opportunities - work / school/ college in a regular week - or even offer students the oportunity to leave and begin an appropriate pathway earlier - preparing them for adult life, including work.