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School Aims

Our School Aims


Working as a multidisciplinary team, we will:


  • promote a happy, purposeful, healthy, safe, stimulating, exciting and challenging educational environment where every member of the school community; students, staff and governors, is valued.
  • encourage and welcome close links with parents, carers and others to provide the best educational opportunities for each student.
  • provide an educational environment that delivers and supports equality of opportunity, and values each individual's contribution to the school community.
  • provide an environment where each member of the school community is treated with respect and where dignity, confidentiality and privacy are paramount.
  • promote excellent practice through good communication, the sharing of ideas and flexibility.
  • review and develop our skills through regular in-service training and continuing professional development.


Working as a multidisciplinary team, we will offer a curriculum that:


  • is inclusive, stimulating, challenging, achievable, rewarding and enjoyable.
  • is broad, rich, balanced, relevant and appropriate to the needs of each student.
  • promotes the development of Key Skills across the curriculum to encourage the personal and social independence of each student.
  • promotes the spiritual, moral and cultural development of each student. 
  • is delivered through high quality teaching and learning and that is regularly reviewed and evaluated. 
  • recognises the importance of working closely with colleagues in the local Health Authority to provide therapeutic support in Physiotherapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Nursing. 
  • sets and works towards achievable targets for each student which will be taught and assessed through Individual Educational Plans. 
  • encourages the involvement of all students in the process of their education. 
  • celebrates the progress and achievements of all members of the school community
  • actively develops links with the local community to provide opportunities for students to practise their personal and social independence skills as well as recognising the contribution that members of the local community make in enhancing the curriculum. 
  • aims to provide students with curricular and social opportunities for contact with students from other schools and colleges. 
  • uses the most up to date resources available to maximum benefit to enhance the educational opportunities provided.


Working as a multidisciplinary team, we will develop an active and open partnership with parents and carers:


  • which welcomes and encourages the contribution of parents and carers in their child’s education. 
  • that provides regular information and feedback to parents and carers in support of their child’s education. 
  • that will help each young person to develop the personal, physical and social skills necessary for life during and after school. 
  • that actively supports students during their transition from school and working with other professionals offers advice and guidance to students and their families on the opportunities available on leaving school.