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What Parents say about Applefields School

'Applefields is an excellent school, which I would highly recommend. Communication is very good and my son is happy and progress is good'.

'Fantastic school, fantastic teachers and support staff'.
'We are extremely happy with Applefields. All staff work extremely hard to meet our foster child's needs and they are doing a fantastic job'.

'We very much appreciate all the communication we get about Matthew and Applefields in general'.

'Staff are very patient and kind and will always give you the time if any problems arise'.
'I find the text messaging service excellent. I know when to expect Newsletters and it provides details of other events. Contact with the school nurses has been supportive'.
'My child is always happy to come to school. My child enjoys a wide range of activities, learning opportunities and social activities. Staff are very aware of individual needs and know the names and characters of individual children. The school is welcoming to visitors, parents and pupils'.